About Us

K9leads story.

 We are a relative small company producing a great product made with the very best materials. Our mission is to make you and your pet safe anytime of the day or night. We had some friends who have had some close call with traffic while walking their dogs. The driver might be texting or talking on the phone or simply changing the radio station.  So our journey begins…….

 We looked at many if not all of the products on the market that use some type of LED in the leash that lights up so you could be seen at night. None of them could answer all of our problems. So we decided to do it our way!

We came up with the K9Leads Safety leash. It's made with the very best products and is the only waterproof LED leash we have seen on the market.

We Use

  • Top Quality Nylon
  • The best metal hardware
  • Waterproof battery box
  • Easy replaceable CR2050H batteries
  • Multiple modes for LED lights